Spartanburg Methodist

19th Annual SMC Senior Showcase

19th Annual SMC Senior Showcase
19th Annual SMC Senior Showcase
---Saturday Agenda---
January 19th 2013
9:00-11:00             Registration
              Campus Tours every 30 minutes
               Q & A with Coaches, Financial Aid and Admissions
11:00-11:50           Program in Camak Auditorium:
              Tim Wallace-Head Coach
              -Financial Aid 
12:00-12:45            Stretch/Run 60 yard dash (Numerical order)
12:45-1:30               Outfielders/Infielders/Catchers throw
1:30-3:00                 Batting Practice (Numerical order)
3:00-4:30                 Pitchers throw to gun
A low-cost opportunity ($40) for you to work out for SMC staff, other college coaches and Professional scouts
Ø  All times are approximate and will be determined by the number in attendance.
Ø  When a player has completed his responsibilities on the field, he may leave.
Ø  Feel free to ask questions of our players throughout the day.
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On Facebook at SMC BASEBALL or on Twitter at mwilliams2929