Cross Country Traveled to El Paso, TX for NJCAA Half Marathon Nationals

Cross Country Traveled to El Paso, TX for NJCAA Half Marathon Nationals

El Paso, TX - SMC Pioneer Men’s and Women's team traveled to El Paso TX for the NJCAA Half Marathon Nationals held at Ascarate Park. With great weather and a picturesque mountain backdrop, the event had great conditions.  The ladies team lined up at the starting line at 9:00 am with the men’s team starting shortly afterwards at 9:15 am. Tori Edwards lead the women's team to the finish with a time of 1:52 despite battling head congestion days just prior to the race. Tori paced herself conservatively throughout the race and was able to maintain through the finish. Shelby Hilt demonstrated tremendous fortitude throughout the race but had to pull herself out at mile 10 due to elevated blood sugars.   


The men’s team started at 9:15 am and they set a solid pace from the start. Freshman Nigel Dos Santos went to the lead for the team and crossed the finish line at 1:17 to finish 19th overall. This was his second half marathon of his career, but he ran it with tactical precision. Sophomore Shawn Hamilton started out more conservative but as usual, made a hard charge toward the last quarter of the race to cross the line at 1:18, finishing 21st overall. Michael Twigg held the team’s third position with a minute personal PR performance of 1:24. The Men’s team snagged a top 10 placement by finishing the race 7th overall.    



Men’s Performers:  Nigel Dos Santos finishing 19th, and Shawn Hamilton finishing 21st overall.   A Top 10 Men’s Finish    

Meet Information: 
NJCAA Half Marathon Championship  
Men's  and Women's 13.1 Miles 
Ascarate Park - El Paso Tx  
Nov  24th, 2019 


“A breakthrough performance for the men’s team," says Head Coach Ken Roach.  “We have etched the men’s team much closer and in eye sights range of the other top teams in this league. We can see their jerseys now”.  “This is a huge progression for this team and it is a big testimony for the efforts put forth this season.”