Athletic Training at SMC

Athletic training at SMC
Athletic Training at SMC

A key component of athletic performance is sports medicine. The training staff and facilities at Spartanburg Methodist offer student-athletes a variety of resources designed to provide injury prevention and rehabilitation so student athletes can return quickly and safely to playing status.

Required Forms:

Student athletes will not be permitted to practice and/or participate in competition until all necessary forms have been filed with the Athletic Training Staff and the athlete has been cleared to participate in his or her sport.



Athletic Training Staff:

SMC is staffed by three certified athletic trainers whose services are provided to the college through Spartanburg Regional Sports Medicine.

Sarah Jordan MS , ATC -

Jamiee Bowman MS , ATC -


Athletic Training Office: (864) 587-4376 or (864) 587-4377

Team Physician: Dr. Mike Hoenig,  Orthopaedic Associates, P.A.